May 11-15, May 18-22, May 26-29 & June 1-5

Weekly April 27-June 5 2020

Basketball Camp

9-10 am & 11am-12pm

Grades K-4th

This is a fun and interactive hour with on of our top directors. Not only will we focus on the fundamentals of the game, but will encourage teamwork, teach life skills, have daily competitions, and keep campers physically active! All you need is a ball!

Weekly April 27-June 5 2020

All-Sports Camp

3:30-4:30 pm

Grades K-5th

An exciting fast paced hour filled with movement and engaging games. We'll add in some camp favorite competitions and Legarza messages you all love. Class won't require much space or equipment so whatever you have will work great!

Weekly April 27-June 5 2020

ELITE Basketball Camp

9-10am or 4-5pm

Grades 5th-8th

Don't let the Shelter in Place ruin your child's development as a player. Coach Dom is ready to challenge your athlete, help them achieve their personal goals and make sure they are pushing themselves on and off the court to be better.

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