Dear Legarza Families,


We love running programs for your family throughout the year and have been absolutely devastated by the current situation on a number of levels. Our staff pours their soul into offering the best programs for your children; to help build confidence, skills, and bring joy. Therefore, it comes with great sadness that we are forced to suspend all summer programs for the time being.


It is our strong desire to run safe programs this summer – we believe it is needed now more than ever as children yearn for the social connection they’ve been missing, and parents need to return to work in order to support their households. However, without a clear path to run camp we think it is best to continue to stay up to date on all news, reports, and orders from local, state and global health officials. With that in mind, we will remain flexible and adaptive to the changing times in the hopes of creating a program that works for everyone and above all keeps your children (and family) out of harm’s way.


We understand this news comes at a hard time for parents as you are already facing great strain this Spring – this is why we are working hard every day to come up with better alternatives. The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating consequences for all, and Legarza is no exception. We began taking summer registrations in January and immediately started the process of working towards offering the best possible program for your children. We use the early months to invest in new curriculum development, purchase camp supplies, make technology improvements, and hire hundreds of staff that are excited to work with your children. This is our common practice and the practices of all summer camps. When summer enrollment stopped entirely in mid-March, we found ourselves completely underwater financially.


As a result of this large financial strain, we’ve been forced to furlough 85% of our year-round staff and reduce the pay of those that remain. We are fully committed to saving these jobs, helping your families, and saving a business that has become a Bay Area staple over the past 30 years. As cliché as it is to say that our staff feels like family, when many of us have more than a decade together sharing both the journey of our camp, but also the journey of our lives (weddings, births, funerals, anniversaries, and more), it is hard to think of them as anything else. Many of your families have shared similar milestones with us over similar periods of time and that is why it is our mission to keep this going for you as much as it is our life’s mission to continue to develop youth through sport and play.


What does this mean? This means we have currently stopped taking summer registrations (even though it remains online so families can see what we hope to offer) and that anyone who has already registered for summer programs will have their registration frozen. In the event we are unable to run programs as desired, we will offer full credits that never expire towards any future Legarza program. As much as we would like to provide the option of a cash refund, the financial situation described above makes that impossible. The only way to both deliver to you the full value of your investment in camp and to continue to serve our mission in the future, is to provide credit as follows:



  • Can be used at any time, never expires


  • Transferable to siblings and friends



  • Legarza School Year Programs


  • Future Legarza Summer Programs


  • Donate some or all of your balance to the Legarza PLAY foundation, which provides scholarships to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford camp. 


In the event that programs are officially cancelled, families that have registered will receive a detailed email with up to date information. Check out below what we are doing and considering in order to provide a safe, and essential program this summer.


We appreciate your kindness and understanding in these most difficult of times, as is the Legarza way!


Thank you & Sincerely

Nick Owen & The Legarza Staff

What are we doing now?


Legarza Virtual Programs


Monitoring all advice from health officials

  • Adhering to group size recommendations

  • Following guidelines on masks and face covering

  • Watching for trends and growth/reduction of spread


Considering ways to offer a socially distanced camp

  • Staggered drop off times in groups <10

  • Isolated groups of 10 or less (never coming together w/ other groups)

  • Modifying games to eliminate contact / increase spacing

  • Offering new camp types focused on play-based development


Investigating ways to maximize safety (will follow any active orders)

  • Hand washing stations prior to entry

  • Temperature checks prior to entry

  • Use of your own ball all day

  • Hand sanitizer with all coaches

  • Enhanced daily cleanings from our professional staff


Considering ways to offer outdoor camp

  • Studies are showing that you are safer outside

  • Utilizing shade, sunscreen and limited exposure to be outside

  • Monitoring results on sunlight, heat & humidity studies

  • Sunlight is thought to kill the virus 

  • Heat & Humidity is thought to slow transmission

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